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Role: Programmer, Designer

Platform: PC

Engine/Tools: Unity

Team Size: 1(Solo Project)

Genre: Text Adventure



Click For Adventure! is a game I made in the span of two days for the Game Maker's Toolkit 2019 Game Jam. The theme of the jam was "Genre Without Mechanic", where you take a well established genre and make a game that removes its main mechanic. Taking this up as a solo project, I realized I could forgo creating any art assets if I made it text based, which gave me the idea of a text adventure game where you can't type.


Over the course of two days, I read up on Unity 2018's newly integrated Text Mesh Pro plugin and used it to create text descriptions that you could click on to displayed where typed action prompts would be displayed in your typical text adventure.

  • Used the jam's interesting theme as a way to come up with a creative and unique gameplay

  • Learned and implemented the unique features of Unity's Text Mesh Pro plugin

  • Created an entire game without any art assets

  • Tested out my puzzle creating skills

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