Developed By Mass DiGI



Role: Gameplay Programmer, Designer

Platform: IOS/Android

Engine/Tools: Unity, Plastic SCM

Team Size: 7


Genre: Real Time Strategy/Simulation

Dev Duration: August - December 2018

Released: December 2018



CyberDrive 2077 was a mobile game that had already been in ongoing production for about eight months. I was brought on for its last five months in development to get it ready for launch. While largely feature complete, the game was missing elements to make it more user friendly, and was in need of a fun yet simple plus one mechanic to help maintain player retention. On both counts, collaborating with team members, I implemented and tested several features that resulted in a marked improvement to the game's juiciness, readability, and playability.

My Contributions:
  • Designed and implemented UI elements for a prettier, more readable score display

  • Studied previous code and code bible to most properly continue adding features to the game

  • Created several proofs of concept of +1 mechanics for testing

  • Designed and implemented new restart animation

  • Finalized and implemented +1 mechanic a long with new player controls

New Points Visualization:


New Restart Animation:




New Slow Mo Mechanic and UI:

After prototyping and user testing several additional mechanics and control schemes, we eventually decided on slow motion with bright flashing arrows that appear when its available. The arrows allow you to put your finger on to trigger the effect while still being able to swipe left and right to turn. 

Samuel Jacobsen - samja323@gmail.com