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Role: Gameplay Programmer, Designer

Platform: Microsoft Hololens

Engine/Tools: Unity, Unity Teams

Team Size: 14


Genre: Arcade/Action

Dev Duration: January - April 2017

Released: April 30, 2017



Jaywalker was my first experience working with a big team on a game. I spent a lot of time on this project studying the documentation for the Microsoft Hololens and implementing its features, as well as designing and implementing various other gameplay aspects. At this time, the Hololens was a very early prototype device and the documentation wasn't all there, so sorting through it was quite the challenge. The team and I were able to start and release Jaywalker in a span of four months.

My Contributions:
  • Implementing the unique features of the hololens after studying the documentation

  • Implemented an AR feature to get the game area to stick to a spot in your room

  • Integrated player head tracking so they could move around the play area

  • Designed a timer system and display to show how long you last

  • Integrated gesture controls to interact with the user interface

  • Designed in game UI to be projected onto the level while being clear and thematic

  • Created a cinematic credit sequence

UI And Gesture Controls:


Credit Sequence:



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