Developed By Mass DiGI



Role: Gameplay Programmer, Designer

Platform: IOS/Android

Engine/Tools: Unity, Plastic SCM

Team Size: 7


Genre: Real Time Strategy/Simulation

Dev Duration: January - April 2018

Released: April 2016, Production Ongoing



Takeover Trail was a previously launched, ongoing mobile game when I came on to the team. The goal of the team and I was to design and test new mechanics to revamp the game to increase player retention and player count. We decided on a new map and a skill tree with game modifiers, a tough thing to integrate for a years old game not designed for it, that I managed to make fully functional.

My Contributions:
  • Designed and created a new in game level map from scratch

  • Assisted in the design of new game changing modifiers

  • Added visual juiciness through use of tweening plugins

  • Studied old code and code bible to most effectively add new game features on top of it

  • Designed and implemented new UI and altered old UI for a new skill tree

  • Implemented fully functional game modifiers accessed through the skill tree

  • Designed and implemented a faster tutorial for better player retention

Brand New Game Modifiers:

New Skill Tree UI:

Streamlined and Repurposed UI For New Mechanics:



Samuel Jacobsen - samja323@gmail.com